Greener Grass – An honest movie review

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Imagine a world where people will do anything to maintain appearances along with sacrificing anything to avoid offending another person, including giving away your baby. Even pretending that someone is pregnant when they only shoved a soccer ball up the front of their dress.

This world is extreme and so is this movie.  The weirdness is nonstop and the tension grows throughout the movie.

It has been two days since I watched it and I am still marveling at its over the top ideas and displays of suburbia.  A really fun movie to watch and has made me analyze the things I do to avoid the possibility of offending another person.

Some of the amazingly bizarre side notes included in the movie:

  • The main character’s husband is very interested in his swimming pool. He discovers a new filtration system that makes him love the flavor of his pool.
  • Stealing kids and babies is no big deal.