Why is The Irishman so bad? – Is Martin Scorsese being controlled by aliens?

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I don’t know how to say this…

Between the weird CGI adjustments to make old people almost look young and the terrible CGI blood, this is one the worst movies I have ever seen. 

Imagine the characters from Polar Express acting in a gangster movie.  Imagine a dozen old washed up actors taking their last breath while relying on CGI to make them look younger.

It was creepy and cringeworthy throughout.  I will use this movie as an aid in sleep tests to make sure the patients are in the deepest stage of sleep possible.

It was 3 hours of superficial movie making by forcing every bit of film used to make it into the final cut.

How is this movie directed by the same guy who directed The Departed.

Still stunned…

This movie was very difficult. I have never reviewed a movie without watching every minute of it. This movie took me 3 days to watch. IT WAS OVER 3 HOURS LONG!!! People making 3 hour movies better have a damned good movie on their hands or they should be put in jail.

There were glimpses of genius in this movie. The scene where Al Pacino was in prison being confronted by “Tony Pro” played by Stephen Graham. That was grade a script, world class acting and a well shot scene. If you combine all of those scenes from the whole movie… you will have a 17 minute movie. I would much rather watch that. If you threw some credits on the front and back you could have a solid 25 minute short.