Villains Movie Review – Don’t Watch it Without Knowing This!

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If only I could find the words to describe the nature of the movie Villains starring Bill Skarsgard and Maika Monroe.

”It is a simple story of two criminal lovers who happen upon two different lovers on their own even more psychopathic journey.” There… I guess I found them.

The genius of this movie is that it really only featured 5 people. Giving hope to other film makers who don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to make a truly original and engaging movie. It was all shot around and inside one house.

Bill and Maika were great and their over the top energy set the stage for a world where people do rash and illogical things in response to other rash and illogical things.

Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Donovan perfectly complimented the young couple’s performances with their more insane mindset presented in an older, more mature delivery. Very soon into the movie you begin voting for the villains as the victims turn into the antagonists.

The colors and backgrounds help drive the story and the alternating closeups and wide angle shots keep you glued as the story unfolds.