Ready or Not Movie Review – What you will think when the movie is over.

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As an avid Letterboxd user, I did a quick scan to see what people were thinking about the movie “Ready or Not”. I trust Letterboxd critics/users much more than IMDB or even the actual streaming service reviews (which are huge lies). Reviews were… not bad (with a shrug and higher pitched inflection). The trailer was well made and sold me on it. I decided to include it in my weekly movies and therefore a review.

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The whole movie was shot inside a well made set or actual home/castle/estate. It was quite realistic and you never doubted the family’s wealth which in turn lead you to believe in their absolute insanity. The movie started off well and kept your attention with some light scare tactics.

Tension increased throughout and lead you back and forth between “they are catching and killing her, oh… she is getting away… oh they are catching and killing her”. Then… a lull. I began checking my watch, pausing the movie to see how much time was left etc…

The movie went on and began to regain its original tension and build. Then when you thought it was over and felt relief and closure. BOOM! An ending that was so over the top, insane and shocking. I got up from my bed and clapped. My wife and I stared at each other with jaws dropped for a good minute just recovering from the shock and awe ending.

The ending took it from a 2.5 star movie to a 4 star movie in 30 seconds. Shear genius.

Notable actors were Samara Weaving, Adam Brody (The OC) and Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day).

Keep in mind that not all actors age naturally, which is my personal preference. As soon as they start injecting things into their faces I don’t like looking at them. Typically it ruins their careers then after they are forgotten they can make a small comeback. Examples are…

Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Grey are the two that stand out the most in my mind.