The Truth About AirPods Pro Water Resistance

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If someone that uses drugs consistently is an addict… then I am a wireless earphone junkie. Using and abusing earphones daily, buying whatever comes out to test and hopefully settle on the best engineered and best fitting headphones.

Participating in lots of outdoors activities gives the need for the best fit. Dirt biking, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, skate boarding (mini ramps), and the not outdoor activity of playing the guitar and bass guitar. The uses for true wireless earphones has changed the music and podcast landscape for everyone. It opens you up to a whole new world of doing things alone and together. The really good earphones act as phone headsets to keep conversations going anywhere.

My very first pair of true wireless headphones were the Bose True Wireless Soundsport. They put so much pressure on the inside of your ears that they only had about a 10 minute limit on listening time.

Then I moved to the highly anticipated Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earphones. They had great sound but once again a terrible fit with lots of sharp edges. They HURT so bad. I dread remembering them because of the ear pain they caused.

Then I tried the following…

Apple AirPods (just fell out of my ears right away)
Bang & Olufsen BEO 8 (still one of my favorites)
I tried a handful of Chines knockoffs but never felt good about being seen in them.

Then the AirPods Pro were released. Pure genius. They fit, never moved, sounded great, could wear them for hours, touch controls worked AND… they were water resistant so you didn’t have to worry much about using them outdoors.

UPDATE: I have been running a lot with the AirPods pro. I must say, they do not stay in when trail running. It is probably too much to expect one silicone ear insert to hold the entire weight of the AirPod without it resting on anything else. Trail running is very bumpy compared to road running. For trail running I fall back to my favorite true wireless earphones Bang & Olufson E8s.

But WAIT!!! It turns out that the claim of water resistance is a lie.

I was working in my yard enjoying a Dax Sheperd Podcast with Matthew Lillard when it started to drizzle. Remembering the amazing claim that they can withstand water as long as it is not high velocity, I decided to enjoy that feature of my $275 AirPods Pro.

The right one got some water on it and the static started immediately. I let them dry and it never stopped. The noise transparency and cancellation ceased to work without mind numbing static sounds and popping.

I immediately used Apple support to make my warranty claim to which they responded. “The warranty doesn’t cover any water damage”.

WHAT THE HELL? So their claim of water resistance is a huge sham. The AirPods Pro are not water resistant and should never be anywhere near water because water does get in and they don’t warranty any water damage. Yet their website claims water resistance.

I need some time to cool down. Beware and protect your $275 water resistant AirPods Pro because it turns out they are VERY sensitive to water getting into any of the holes. Makes me wonder how water resistant my phone actually is.