About me

For those of you who care…

As an anonymous (for the time being) opinion sharer, I will share just a few tidbits of my boring, white, middle class upbringing.

Grew up in the North Bay Area of California. Sonoma County wine country.

Attended 4 different universities in search of a major. Once even declared biophysics as my major since I wanted to make prosthetic limbs. Turns out biophysics has nothing to do with prosthetic devices. Studied computer engineering, computer science, physics, biophysics, art. All these majors and classes only served to lower my GPA. Before I became a true drop out, I started the Construction Management study. Turns out it was restricted enrollment and was not easy to enter. I got in, graduated and started building power plants, oil refineries and mining facilities.

Got married. Had 5 kids. Two of which are twins.

Started focusing on my hobbies and really fell in love with dirt bikes.

Have lived in California, Texas and Utah.

Some of my favorite studies were film studies.

Favorite books include:

East of Eden – John Steinbeck

All Over but the Shoutin’ – Rick Bragg

Favorite movies